About Q-Linn

Why did we start importing Q-Linn Sports performance underwear to Australia?

We believe that women with big boobs should not be restricted in their active participation in life.

We have noticed that there is an unfair portrayal of what active women should look like in Australia. We know that the typical Australian woman is balancing family life, career and running a house and finds it hard to get time to do something good for herself.

Knowing what we know about the support needed both emotionally and physically for women with big boobs, we wanted to bring a solution to the
Australian market that empowered them to have freedom of choice over how they maintain an active life.

Australian women deserve to feel comfortable and supported in everything they do. Motivated by this, we design and create performance underwear
that delivers style, substance, and support. Our underwear has been actively supporting women the world over and we know we can support you to live a full life.

Q-Linn Sports Performance Underwear is a Dutch brand, developed by a team of top lingerie designers (who also design brands like Marlies Dekkers Lingerie) with the support of Elite Equestrian Athletes. Q-Linn was originally made for equestrian sports due to the strong need for supportive sports bras when riding, but was soon adopted by runners, netball players, and all manner of other athletes.